Presenting at the Bay.NET User Group tonight on “Clean Code”

03/02/2011  |  No Comments

Tonight I present for the first time for the Bay.NET User Group (South Chapter) in Mountain View. Being excited and... more

Code Contract Mystical [solved]

02/16/2011  |  4 Comments

While struggling to figure out why for my OperationResult constructors the simple precondition: Contract.Ensures(this.Success == success); was not verifiable, I finally found... more

Code Contract Constructor Mystical

02/14/2011  |  No Comments

While preparing my presentation for the Bay.Net User Group which includes the use of Code Contracts I ran into an... more

Presentation at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

01/18/2011  |  No Comments

It has been a while since the Silicon Valley Code Camp V5.0, so it is really time to provide the... more