Sun, Code and Rock’n Roll

It was 2 great days in San Diego, or more precise in La Jolla.
Thanks to crazy people like Woody Pewitt and his team who organized the SoCal Rock’n Roll Code Camp, people like me, eager to learn, meet and present, had a good time in sunny San Diego.

Living in The SF Bay Area, my home base for Code Camps is the Silicon Valley one.
It is most likely the biggest worldwide, and for that reason, I consider myself spoiled in regard to quantity and quality of offered presentations and size of the event.

However, I have to admit that I extremely enjoyed the great charm of the smaller SoCal Code Camp, which of course is still huge with 140+ sessions and hundreds of attendees and a dedicated community around it. I attended great sessions of passionate speakers and enjoyed an laid back Saturday night, first with the Geek Dinner as part of the event and later on drinks and fun time with a smaller group.

I think the idea is pretty amazing to organize a completely free community event on a volunteer base to share and spread professional knowledge which can easily keep up with professional and expensive events, all for free, all done by Geeks.

As the theme of the SoCal Code Camp was Rock’n Roll, the Geek Dinner had a fitting gig with an AC DC cover band. Unfortunately for the band, which played great music, not so many people really cared enough for the music and preferred to meet and talk outside. Social geeks – not really a contradiction, it seems!

This was now the 3rd Code Camp I not only attended but also presented.
With a triple session marathon on Clean Code, I started with basic Design Patterns and Best Practices. In the second session, I built on this important foundation to dive deeper into decoupled architecture with an session on Dependency Injection. Finally, I closed the day with a presentation on Craftsmanship to really push the idea of Clean Code and it’s holistic view about how to become more successful as a software engineer.

As always, all my slide decks can be found on design It right and on SlideShare:

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Architects decoupled solutions tailored to business needs and crafts maintainable code to last, enjoys cycling, running and eating and works as a Senior Software Engineer at AppDynamics in San Francisco