My 2013 Roller Coaster Ride

Resolution 2013

I started in the year with the resolution to blog more. I thought I was on track. I already had my blog moved to its new home,  The design was worked out, and the old content from moved over. Now the plan was to write a blog entry at least once a month.


And than reality stepped in. I did a “little” renovation project at home. It started with the wish for a new stove and ended with new electric, water pipes, insulated walls, new sheet rock, and a new kitchen. Many long nights and endless weekends later it was mostly done – now including a nursery.

New center of gravity

Yes, that was the other “project” going on at the same time; my wife was pregnant and at the end of May, our son was born. Suddenly, this little sunshine wiped out my weekend and evening wish list and added the task instead: “Feed me, take care off me and enjoy playing with me.” I am enjoying every minute!


Sometime in spring, I was asked if I wanted to join the Bay.NET User Group board to help run this volunteer team, organizing typically 3 monthly user group meetings in the 4 different chapters throughout the Bay Area. I was honored but a bit reluctant – see reasons above. Of course, I could not resist and joined the great little group of people organizing it.

Furthermore, I also actually presented on Dependency Injection for the South Bay chapter in September.  Before, I had to skip my scheduled talk about Debugging,  Troubleshooting and Monitoring Distributed Web and Cloud application in May – the day my son was born.

Code Camps

Yes, it is plural these days. I spoke again at the SoCal CodeCamp in San Diego at the end of July. It was the second time for me, and it was a short but fun trip I made Mathias and Robin.

Furthermore, I signed up for talks at the Silicon Valley Code Camp and Desert Code Camp in Arizona.

 So, how about blogging again

My goal now is to really start blogging about the programming stuff I enjoy. High on my list are some thoughts about clean code with more details and examples. Additionally, I am very excited about Xamarin and want to spend some more time on it and share my experience. I am also playing around with Node.js and want to gain more insights about it. Let’s see how it works out this time.


Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012 is almost there

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012 is almost there

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It is only 1 week to the Silicon Valley Code 2012 at the Foothill College in Lost Altos and it will be the 3rd year that I will present there after participating for several years.

This year, I shifted my focus a little bit and will not talk about Clean Code, not that I would be less passion about it. And be assured, more on Clean Code is coming soon. Instead the focus will be on Dependency Injection in the architecture talk, with some references to Clean Code.

For the first time I will hold a new talk about debugging and troubleshooting distributed web and cloud applications.I am already really excited about venturing out to another area of software engineering and operations with my presentation and the audience feedback.

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Sun, Code and Rock’n Roll

It was 2 great days in San Diego, or more precise in La Jolla.
Thanks to crazy people like Woody Pewitt and his team who organized the SoCal Rock’n Roll Code Camp, people like me, eager to learn, meet and present, had a good time in sunny San Diego.

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SoCal Code Camp San Diego June 23 -24

SoCal Code Camp San Diego June 23 -24

SoCal Rock & Roll Code Camp San Diego is happening this Weekend It is still time to sign up and enjoy the SoCal Code Camp in Sand Diego Saturday & Sunday June 23rd and 24th. Sign up now if you haven’t done it and join my presentations below

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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011: Code Contracts and Pex

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Here is my “Contract First Development with Microsoft Code Contracts and Microsoft Pex”-presentation from the Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011.

The presentation can also be downloaded directly from the Downloads page, here.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011: Clean Code

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Here is the Clean Code presentation I held at the Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011.

The presentation can also be downloaded directly from the Downloads page, here.

Clean Code at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011 (02/17/2012)

View more presentations from Theo Jungeblut
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Summited my sessions for the Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011

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After being offline for almost a month due to a bigger backyard project, I finally found the time to work out the sessions, I just summited for the SVCC2011 Oct 8th and 9th at Foothill College. The SVCC is free like the years before and an amazing volunteer powered event organized by Peter Keller. Great job Peter!

The session Clean Code session is now strongly focusing on clean code only. It does not include Code Contracts or supportive VS2010 tools anymore to allow a stronger focus and more time for the main subject.

The Contract-First Development session completely focuses on Microsoft Code Contracts and Pex, giving attendees the time needed to really dive into the advantages of using it.

The session overview on the Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011 website:

Below are the session details with some more links included:

Clean Code – Why writing Clean Code makes us more efficient

Over the lifetime of a product, maintaining the product is actually one – if not the most – expensive area(s) of the overall product costs. Writing clean code can significantly lower these costs. However, writing clean code also makes you more efficient during the initial development time and results in more stable code. You will be presented design patterns and best practices which will make you write better and more easily maintainable code. You will learn how to apply them by using an existing implementation as the starting point of the presentation. Finally, patterns & practices benefits are explained.

This presentation is based on C# and Visual Studio 2010. However, the demonstrated patterns and practice can be applied to every other programming language too.

Contract-First Development with Microsoft Code Contracts and Microsoft Pex

Design by Contract/Programming, or also called Contract-First development with Code Contracts and Pex, is a design/development approach which first defines a contract for class and its methods before implementing it. Since VS2010, by specifying invariants, pre and post conditions for methods with Code Contracts, Microsoft provides the platform support for taking advantage of this programming paradigm. This allows for writing less and cleaner coder, which is easier to read, test, and document.

Pex, like Code Contracts a development out of the Microsoft Research Lab, allows for automatically creating unit tests. By integrating with Code Contracts, many of the needed Unit Tests can be actually generated instead of written manually.

Finally, Code Contracts also integrate tightly with Microsoft Sandcastle, generating more detailed and accurate MSDN style API documentation and utilizing the conditions specified through Code Contracts.

Within this session, I will give an introduction to Contract-First Development, Code Contracts, Pex and Sandcastle, pointing specifically to the advantages while also addressing limitations and risks.

Design by Contract/ Contract-First Development links

Code Contracts links

Pex links

Sandcastle links

Presentation at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

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It has been a while since the Silicon Valley Code Camp V5.0, so it is really time to provide the code example and my presentation on Lego for Software Engineers.

It was a really great experience to present at the Silicon Valle Code Camp for the first time. As it was the first time presenting for me presenting outside of my normal work environment, I have to say I was quite happy with the interest in my presentation considering the really great line up of well known speakers.

The presentation can be now be found here: 2010-10-10 Lego for Software Engineers

The solution with the code examples can be found here: Source Code [zip]